Happy Customers!

Hi Rob, thanks so much for the accommodation. It was perfect!
Have a great 2014 and as this place is amazing I trust I’ll come back. I believe this is why this beach is called boomerang.
Felipe from Brazil

hello Rob,
“french” Alec here.
I’ve had a very good holiday in your appartment in Pacific Palms
it will remain as one of the top best holidays in my whole life
the appartment was clean, functionnal, comfortable, the bed was VERY confortable,  and the neighbourhood really nice
i was able to walk to the beach accross the road barefoot every morning
the nature and the birds of the bush were literally overflowing all to the doorstep of the house
the neighbours were unbelievably nice, approachable, chatty, and respectful…  there was total silence from 9pm onwards,
they seem to be very respectful of one another
i miss Boomerang a lot…..  the “locals” in the village were so laid-back,  welcoming, and simply nice towards one another…..
nobody was moaning, or complaining, or looking upset anywhere around…..  what a nice place to chill…..
i will be a pleasure to come back another time,  i think i’ve left a little piece of myself over there
thanks again for a great and relaxing holiday
alec majchrzak
bordeaux, france


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